established in 1966

Throughout the early sixties, our family watched the sport of canoeing become more and more popular with each passing summer. In the year 1966 we took the plunge and bought 10 canoes and built a canoe hauler trailer. By the end of the summer, we owned 33 canoes. 

Every summer, the demand became greater and soon we were up to 200 canoes. We operated out of the back porch of our house, providing the kind of personal service that could not be obtained elsewhere in our area. We kept long hours. We would answer the phone at any hour to take reservations. Every member of our family was employed in our business while they lived at home. In 1980 the youngest of the Horina children bought the business and runs it to this day. 

In the early days we would take people up river with the canoes and their camping gear, sometimes late at night so they could get started early the next day. When we first started, we would even rent canoes to hearty souls in mid winter. 

In 1976 we moved the business from the porch to our present site down the road. We gave an ideal location on Highway M-37, a heavily traveled north-south route. We are next door to a U.S. Forest Service Campground and Peterson Bridge, a main canoe access point. 

To this day we still provide the same personal service to our customers. We make them feel at home and welcomed at Horina Canoe & Kayak Rental. We treat you the same way we like to be treated on vacation. 

We look forward to getting you on the river.